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Call me crazy but I cannot find a Price Date column anywhere in Q. I am running Q Premier R32.10 and have looked everywhere. I'd like to be able to run a security report throughout all my holdings to find stale prices. In order to do this i need a (last) Price Date column. Is there such a thing?? TIA


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    If you look at your securities in an Investing > Portfolio view, there is a yellow bar at the bottom that shows the date and time of the latest quote update.

    Also if the view includes the Quote/Price column, you may see a little clock icon next to some or all of the prices. This indicates that the quote data for that security is out of date. If you hover your mouse over the icon, you will see the date of the most recent update for that security.  

    You can manually update the security prices from that view if you want. It appears that manually updating the price resets the date in the hover but does not clear the clock icon, however.
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    To my knowledge, no such field exists to report on. I'm not sure what you want to accomplish though. Since you have a current subscription version, you can download the last five years of nearly all stock prices and render any stale price issue mute.
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    Not every security prices daily. At the very least Quicken needs a pricing report. Yes, most price daily, but some are monthly, some are manual due to the nature of the security. They need to add Last Price Date and a report that utilizes this data.
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    Jim_Harman thank you for identifying the little clock in the Quote/Price column. This does help.
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