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Why does Quicken use base 100 when editing an investment transactrion

I am trying to edit a transaction in my IRA. I enter the number of bonds as 500 and the price as 100. Quicken calculates the Principal Amount as $500,000 when it should be $50,000. It says (base 100) to the right of the price box. This is an obvious error and I can't find anyway to change the number in (base xxxx). This is PXssing me off as I need to get this done to correct an error. I can't seed a way to attach a screen print of the problem or I would.


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    It is confusing. Tell Quicken you bought 50 bonds in the Bonds Bought transaction and I think the math will work out. Here is a transaction of mine (which happened to involve a bond premium, which is irrelevant). Notice that the cost bases match in two places, but the number of bonds is different by a factor of 10.

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