Quicken 2016 Mac and Big Sur

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Will Quicken 2016 still run if I upgrade my system to Big Sur?

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  • John_in_NC
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    Yes, it will.
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    Thank you!
  • Since installing Big Sur, i notice Quicken for Mac (Version 6.1.1 (Build 601.37924.100)) is running very slowly, with repeated Spinning Beach Balls of Death. I have more than 50GB of free disk space, so it's not a lack of space. Any ideas? Quicken file is big... is there a way to rebuild it?
  • jacobs
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    @BobTheBilder your post is not relevant to this discussion, which is about Quicken 2016. However, I suggest you visit this thread about recent slow performance and add your observations there. There seems to clearly be an issue which is affecting a small percentage of users, but I don't think the source of the problem has been identified yet. I know some people posted that Quicken is very fast on Big Sur, but I don't know if the combination of Big Sur + 6.1.1 is a factor, or if there's some other factor. Please add your comments there, and maybe people experiencing similar problems can help zero in on what factor everyone has in common.
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