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New to Quicken. 1st posting. Anyway noticed that my routing number in Quicken is different than my actual account routing number from the bank.

The transaction bank data is accurate in Quicken. How I noticed was loading my bills into Quicken and when I associated my checking account with my bills for payment, the actual routing number was different.

I called Quicken. They indicated that they only pull over the account and routing number that the bank provides, based upon user ID and password. Spoke to 2nd level support. We tried reloading the account with the same results.

I called the bank. They indicated that they have no record that the routing number displayed in Quicken relates to a state. Matter of fact the routing number represents the State that bank is located in.

Has anyone seen their routing number in Quicken different than their actual bank routing number?

Currently skeptical of using Bill Manger to pay bills through Quicken. Any comments would be appreciated.



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    What bank?  I know for your tax return some banks use a different routing number for deposits and debits.  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

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    "Matter of fact the routing number represents the State that bank is located in."
    Not quite right.
    The 1st 2 digits represent the Federal Reserve District and the next 2 indicate the Federal Reserve branch, while the next 4 are the specific bank and the last is the numeric check digit.
    SO, my R/T starts 0640, which is the 6th FED, based out of Atlanta.  The 40 represents the Nashville branch, but it's territory extends into Alabama.  There's no specific indicator for State as a branch district and extend into several states.
    BUT, this is all a tempest in a teapot, as Q doesn't use your R/T for anything .... the bank name, as recorded in and accepted by Q, is sufficient, particularly since some banks have their OPs centers in a state other than their HQ state.

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