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Help Resetting Up Account

When I started my Quicken account I mistakenly set it up as a credit card and so it has columns for Reference #, Decrease and Increase instead of Check #, Payment and Deposit. Can anyone show me how to make a change so that I can get the correct column titles?

I went to Tools, and then Account List and changed the Account Intent to Spending but unfortunately that didn't solve the problem. Please help. Thank you.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    It sounds to me like you didn't set the Account up as a credit card Account but instead as a more generic "Asset" or "Liability" Account since those Accounts have the Reference #, Decrease and Increase column headings.
    I don't believe you can now convert this Account to a standard checking Account at this point.  What you might try, after making a backup, is to create a new, empty checking Account in Quicken, going to the Account you're currently using and selecting all the transactions in the Account, (normal Windows convention of selecting first item, going to last item and then selecting it while holding down the Shift key), and copying them into the new checking Account.  You may have to go through some clean up afterwards, or maybe not.  Once you're set, then "Close" the old Account.

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