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Where is the loan planning calculator in quicken for Mac

I have been a Quicken user for 30 years, recently switched to Mac and find the software extremely clumsy to use. Many features appear to be missing or hidden. Any help for things like a planning tools tab will be appreciated.


  • jacobs
    jacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Quicken Mac doesn't have the group of "Planning" tools that Quicken Windows does. 

    There's a long-running Idea request add the Lifetime Planner to Quicken Mac. You can find it -- and add your vote for it -- by clicking here

    I'm not sure what specific tool you are referring to for a loan planning calculator. In Quicken Mac, when you create a loan, there is a "What If" tab which allows you to test the results of extra payments or paying off the loan early. 
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