USAA one time pin

I am having to go through the OTP process every time I try to connect to USAA. I just switch back to Quicken because of the update issues not coordinated with the smaller personal financial management software. The first few days it would only happen after I rebooted the computer. Now, less than 2 weeks later, daily. If I have it in scheduler it holds up updating the rest... and now if I enter the Phone or Email address it fails to move on. Till I cancel and run it inside Quicken where I go through the process, actually get a OTP and can proceed till the next time.

Am I the only one? Is there some setting I need to update on USAA site in security settings?

This is making it nearly useless and I could stick with old software. Just a pain to manually adjust the downloads since they took that away too.


  • Chris_QPW
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    Sounds like you have your accounts setup for Express Web Connect which goes through the website.  You should switch to Direct Connect which has its own security model so you don't have to do the OTP process.

    If you go into the Account Details -> Online Services there should be a link to "improve the connection".  That should take you through setting up Direct Connect.
    (I'm always using the latest Quicken Windows Premier subscription version)
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  • NomadDave
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    Made those updates... could have sworn I'd done that when first setup. But I did a lot so not 100% sure. Hopefully fixes the issue. Looked at a couple others while there that could be updated as well it said.

    Thank you
  • NomadDave
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    Follow-up. Has not been an issue since making the change. Thank you