Net worth report not working if I include intervals

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My Net Worth by year is no longer working. All the accounts show zero balances. If I remove the intervals, it shows the correct accounts for today's date only, but I want to see the history like I could before.


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    Works for me using R23.10.  What version are you using?  Are you running a saved report?  If so, try creating a new one.
    EDIT  my version is 32.10
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    I'm using R32.10. I have a saved report that no longer works. This was a very useful report as I could track balances year-to-year. I've tried creating new reports but the only way I get correct balances is if I include only the current date, not past years. Any reports showing past years have zero balances for all accounts, and a net worth of about 4% of what it should be. I have followed all suggestions, such as checking "include unrealized gains" but I still get all zeros. Any help would be appreciated.
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    I just ran the Net Worth report, from the earliest date to present, with the Columns set to Year.
    There were a lot of zeroes in the report, but upon inspection, it became apparent that those were accounts that I didn't hold for the entire time period (say, a mortgage that I took out last November OR a 2nd residence that I bought a year ago) AND loans and other account that are since closed.
    I didn't see anything out of order.
    SO, have you tried Validating your Q data file?  FILE, File Operations, Validate and Repair ... being SURE to check "Validate File", "Rebuild Investing Lots' and "Correct Investing Price History" before you click OK.
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    Thank you! That seems to have fixed the problem!
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