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    I can't open the app and the 16 digit code doesn't work anymore. Tech support's only suggestion is to buy Quicken again. I can see Intuit's point in the matter, but I bought this software and it appears there is no way to reinstall my software. I wish Intuit could see where I'm coming from. I've never used the software and would like to see what it can do for me. The disk or packaging doesn't mention that I have a deadline for installing and using the software I paid for. This is a terrible system for customers.

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    @blw  You added your comment to another user's post with different circumstances. Can you please provide some additional information. What version of Quicken Mac do you have? What happens when you launch the application -- what message do you see?

    Since fall 2017, Quicken has been sold as a subscription. If you have an older version, it should be possible to still use it. It sounds like you have a version newer than that. When did you purchase it? Who did you purchase it from (i.e. Quicken, Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, etc.?) Do you have a purchase receipt? Or can you find the charge on a credit card statement?  The reason I ask these questions is because I think you might be able to get some help from Quicken -- it may take some persistence, but I think you could prevail -- if you are able to demonstrate you purchased the software from a legitimate retail source and you never used it. With additional information, we can perhaps offer advice on how to proceed.

    P.S. Intuit is not involved. They used to be the owner for Quicken, but not for many years; Quicken is an independent company.
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