How do I get account reconciliation to use the correct date?

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I have not been able to reconcile accounts since February because the reconciliation process is using an "as of" date from February. My computer clock date is accurate, currently April 5th, but every time I try to reconcile any account it uses a date (different date for different accounts) from mid February and I cannot change that date. See screenshot.

How do I fix this, or is it a bug in the program? I have never had trouble with this prior to February 2021.


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    Sorry.... I can't figure out how to add the screenshot image to the post.
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    Drag and drop the image file into the text block.

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  • kformella
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    This is a screenshot of the problem I was having. Note that my computer clock shows the correct date but the reconciliation dialog box is using 2/13. I believe I may have found the solution since posting my original question. I edited the account detail and reset the online services. This corrected the date for THIS account only. I did the same thing for a second account and successfully correct the date for that one. Apparently I will have to reset the online services for all accounts to fully clean this up but it seems to be a solution.
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