Customized Asset Classes or Types?

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I know this gets raised from time to time on the boards, but I still have never found a reasonable workaround.

Q should allow for customized asset types and classes, or at least expand what we already have. I'd like to be able to see exposure to REITs, MLPs, and differentiate between muni and corporate bonds, and bond funds.

Is this on the roadmap?


  • MontanaKarl
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    I would add to your wish - Preferred Stocks, other fixed income (Treasury securities, which are treated differently for tax purposes than ordinary interest income), etc etc...  Full customization with whatever names and tax groupings we want.

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  • subtle
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    @MontanaKarl agreed. I have some FI that gets QDI. Can't get that classified that way. One use case is for tax purposes, and another (larger for me) use case is understanding investment diversification.
  • jacobs
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    @subtle  The only way we know if an enhancement idea is on the roadmap is when Idea posts on this forum are changed to "Planned" status. In this case, there's a longstanding thread for this request which you can see (and add your vote to) here. It shows a current status of "Under Consideration", which means there's been enough support for it here that it has been forwarded to the product development team, but they haven't yet made a commitment to implement the feature. (Quicken, strangely, won't accept an idea until they can slot it into a timeframe in their development roadmap, so that leads to some ideas sitting in "Under Consideration" status for a long time.)
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