Good Friday Stock Quotes

Quicken seens to have downloaded Monday April 5 closing mutual fund prices to both Monday April 5 and also Good Friday April 2. The prices are the same on both dates even though the markets were closed on Good Friday.


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    Hi scott_k_kauffman,
    You are correct. It happens every time there is a banking holiday on a weekday. The next day the market is open, closing values are frequently split over the previous two days. Bug. 
    If you do not have tons of securities to fix, you can go into Security Detail > More (drop down) > Edit price history and copy the previous closed date into the "non-market open" date. 
    That's how I correct the problem. It's kinda a pain, but...

    Maybe one of our superusers or moderators has an easier way, we'll see.

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    To add to what @gooddog50 said.

    Prices come from three sources.
    1. Quicken third party quote service.
    2. Downloaded with the transactions from the broker.
    3. Manual entry.
    Clearly on the weekends and holidays #1 doesn't happen.  And the proof of that is in @gooddog50's screenshot.
    Notice that the one on 4/2/2021 doesn't have the High/Low/Volume (for mutual funds the difference would only be the volume different).  This is the "hallmark" of a price that comes from the broker.

    So it is the broker providing this price.  There is some brokers like Fidelity that are extremely slow at updating out the prices that they include in the transaction information to Quicken.  They process/update in the early morning of the next day (like at 3 am Pacific time).  And they put that day's date on the price, not the "closing date".  So their prices are always "one day behind".  Normally you don't see this because #1 prices override #2 prices.
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