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Can Quicken for Mac 2020 read my current QMac 2015 data file

Jarl Member
I have been using quicken for Mac 2015 for 7 years. would like to migrate the data to a subscription with Quicken. Is it possible to restore from a back up from my old Intuit Quicken 2015?


  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
    edited April 6
    Yes, it can.  And, actually, it can also read your QMac data file directly ... assuming they're on the same machine.
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  • Jarl
    Jarl Member
    But they are in a MacBook 2013 and now I have a M1 MacBook. But I assume I can restore from the cloud or from a pen drive
  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    edited April 7
    I don't know if current QMac will read a Q2015 backup file. But as noted above, it will definitely read the regular Q2015 data file. Therefore, rather than move a backup copy, I'd suggest that you compress the file on the 2013 MacBook, move it via the cloud or a thumb drive, then unzip it on the M1 Mac. 

    To compress the file, right click on it in the Finder and choose Compress "filename". To unzip it on the M1 Mac, just double click it. Compressing the file is important to avoid any macOS permission errors that can occur if you just move the uncompressed file.

    Once you have the file moved, open QMac and you should see a Let's Get Started dialog. (If you don't, then choose File > New from the menubar.) Choose Start from a Quicken for Mac 2015 ...File, and point the file dialog at the file you moved from the MacBook. The conversion process may take a while, but it should go pretty smoothly.
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