When quicken updated it created two account files how do I merge them into one

both files have some of the information but do not contain all my accounts and information so I need to merge them but support is never available when I am home


  • NotACPA
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    Your message is confusing.  A FILE contains multiple accounts, card, banking, investment, etc.
    An Account is contained in a file, and contains ONLY ONE of credit card, checking, investment, etc.
    SO, what is your actual situation?
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  • ferrets033
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    Sorry did not mean to be confusing. It created two files (I had one file already that contained my banking, credit card accounts, mortgage and car) then when the update occurred I had two files but did not realize that two different files now contained the banking info, some of the credit cards on one and some on the other; anyway I went in and added my bank checks and when I went to add to my credit card account to pay it I realized that the credit card account was not there. I thought I lost all that information but when I went to save and back up I noticed another file with the same name and clicked on it and there was the credit card and some of my accounts (the car was in it and not in the other file) in it. Sorry I am terrible at trying to describe things. The one file has my name and then quickendata - the second file has my name and then Quicken Data. But when I look at both of them some of the banking is in one and some is in the other same way with the credit cards and the mortgage is in one and the car is now in the other so I need to merge the two together (I dont care if it creates duplicate entries - I can fix that but I don't know which file to use since both have some of my information but not all of it)
  • volvogirl
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    What is the full exact names of the files?  And what do they end in?  Data files usually end in .qdf and the backups end in .qdf-backup.  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • ferrets033
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    the files are: users\myname\Documents\myname Quicken Data the second file is users\myname\Documents\Quicken\myname Quicken Data and both files end in .QDF --- tonight I got a new message when trying to use either one of the files "you have exceeded the maximum number of datasets. You cannot create a new dataset or continue to perform the current tasks at this time. Contact support" -- I was trying to click on my bank account to record the check I wrote today -- that is all I was doing at the time the pop up appeared.