8 Apr 21 -- yesterday updated Quicken software --- today Quicken will not start?

q) what caused problems? and b) how can I access my financial data ASAP?


  • Joseph U. Le Blanc
    I have been a Quicken user for over 20 years ... never encountered issue where on could not open application to review/evaluate financial data ...
  • Joseph U. Le Blanc
    Joseph U. Le Blanc Member ✭✭
    edited April 2021
    Not able to reach tech support @ Quicken [Removed] msg!
  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello @Joseph U. Le Blanc

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue, although I apologize that you haven't received a response. 

    At this time I would recommend contacting the official Quicken support directly by phone for advanced troubleshooting steps. 
     The Quicken Support phone number is 650-250-1900.  Phone support is available from 5:00am PT to 5:00pm PT, Monday through Friday.  To see current wait times, click here.

    Thank you, 

     -Quicken Tyka