How do I Renew?

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Your renewal process is a disaster. Got the prompt that my subscription didn't renew. Clicked on the link and updated my payment info (which was already current). Then I get a message about migrating my existing account, but when I log in I don't see any explanation of what that means or how to do it. Same payment info is there. Trying logging out and logging back in, still expired. Logged back into my account, it prompts me to update payment info again, even though it is current and hasn't changed. And nowhere do I see an actual option to renew my subscription. WTF, could you make this any harder?


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    @pinebull  First, this site isn't Quicken Support, it's primarily a user-to-user support forum.

    Second, Quicken Support should be able to get your problem resolved pretty easily. You're obviously caught in some sort of frustrating loop, but a Quicken Support rep should be able to look at your account and get to the bottom of it. The message about migrating your account makes me wonder if you have two different email addresses registered with Quicken, or two Quicken IDs. I know it's of little consolation while you're stuck, but most people have no problems renewing their subscriptions online; on this site, it's something we see very few posts about.

    For Quicken Support, note that only chat support is open on the weekend, but they should be able to resolve it; if you want phone support, you'll need to wait until Monday.)

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