Cannot download from bank or credit card accounts or any others

I have spent several hours on the phone with quicken without success. I cannot download to Quicken. When I try to set an account up for download i get a whirling circle and Quicken stops working. In one of my calls Quicken was supposedly reinstalled, but the problem persists. I have a lot of financial stuff in Quicken and if I cannot get this fixed, I am likely to miss payments or the like. Is there a way to access quicken online. Help!


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    Let's start at the beginning.
    What Q product are you running?  What BUILD of that product?  What's your "Membership Valid thru" date?   All of this info can be found at HELP, About Quicken.
    Next, so that we can try to narrow the issue, please name one particular bank, and one account type that you're having a problem with.  When we get this fixed, your other accounts will probably need the same fix applied.
    To further identify that 1 bank, do TOOLS, Account list and provide the name of the bank as found in the "Financial Institution" column across from the particular account ... and the value found in the "Transaction Download" column for that account.

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