Glitch? Calendar no longer displays daily stock gains and losses for individual stocks.

This has been going on for a few months and I kept thinking an update would fix it. Today I called support and they were able to recreate the problem and suggested I post here.

Quicken Mac Subscription. When I click on Calendar, I see a daily percentage gain or loss on each day the market was open. Clicking on that percentage will display an overall amount of gain and loss. It used to however also show how each stock individually is doing / did on that day.

The individual stock results are gone. There are still gaps between gain and loss but there is no information in the gaps. To me it looks like, it's listing the gains and loses but not displaying them.

Quicken support noticed the same thing when they tested it. We exported and imported my files and even made a new calendar. They did the same with their own data and had similar results.

I really like being able to see how my stocks are doing throughout the day as well as end of day using the Calendar and would really like to see this feature fixed.



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    I don't understand why Support would tell you to post here; the developers don't read the posts here. This is a mostly user-to-user support forum. Quicken Support can document problems and submit them as bugs to the development team. You can report a bug within Quicken using Help > Report a Problem. You won't get any reply, but if they're able to verify a reported problem as a bona fide bug, it will get sent to the development team.
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  • I posted about this here back in November of 2020,

    Still no response and it hasn't been fixed.
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    Can't you just select Investing from the Sidebar...and then select the Portfolio tab? 

    Select Portfolio Value or Performance, and select the date.  
  • That semi works the same way. Thing is the calendar used to work and then back in November of 2020 when an update was pushed out it stopped work. Quicken doesn't seem to care.
  • jacobs
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    Quicken doesn't seem to care.
    There's no way to know that. Possibly it was an intentional design change. Possibly it was an accidental change they may be aware of but don't consider a high priority to fix. Possibly it was an accidental change the development team isn't even aware of. Possibly they have this grouped with some other changes they want to make in the calendar and are waiting to do multiple changes in that area of the code at once. You typically wouldn't get an answer that on this forum though, as the Quicken moderators here don't know what the development team is or isn't planning.

    FWIW, I agree that the change to eliminate the individual security changes on a day doesn't seem to make sense or be useful. I Launched an old copy of Quicken 2017 and see exactly what you mean; it used to convey more useful data.

    Did you ever use Help > Report a Problem to document this and report it as a bug? You don't get a reply from submissions, but if they look into a report and agree it is a bug, then it's entered in their bug database for action at some time in the future. So although the black hole aspect of this submission is unsatisfying, it's the best way to report what you believe is a bug in the software. If you haven't in the past, go ahead and do so now. I'll submit one also, and perhaps two such reports will get someone's attention. ;)  Just don't expect a reply, nor a quick fix. 
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    Quicken doesn't seem to care.
    After biting the bullet and upgrading from QMac2007 to QMac2017 almost five years ago, I was very pleased to see a lot of 2007's functionality had finally been included in the reimagined version of Quicken for Mac. I still felt it lagged behind 2007 in some areas, but my new computer came with Catalina and I had no good choice. (I tried using Parallels running High Sierra, but it was terrible for reasons I won't get into here.) QMac2017 was "good enough" (although far from perfect) and I was pleased.

    Now, however, after more than four years of using Quicken for Mac, I find myself agreeing with you: Quicken doesn't seem to care... about bugs, at least. The programmers and producers seem focused on adding new features whether people need them or not, but getting them to fix a well-documented pervasive bug is damned near impossible.

    I've got a list of over 20 serious bugs that I've reported over the years as a beta tester and user, but only one of them has ever been addressed. (Note that I write "addressed," not "fixed.") And we're not talking the need for a complete redesign or majorly revamped functionality here — just stuff like "when I begin to enter a transaction but then interrupt with the 'Esc' key, don't save a blank transaction that I now have to delete." Most bugs are more serious than that, but that's my favorite example of something that should be very easy to fix but hasn't been in 4+ years.
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