SOLVED: ONGOING 4/14/2021 Citibank Error CC-501/101, 502/102, 505/105

tnic17 Member
I have solved this problem (Costco-Citibank downloading error) by setting up a “new" Transaction Download account in Quicken that I used to replace the non-functional one (which was named Costco Anywhere Visa card by Citi). I used “Citibank” as the name to set it up and the same password as my non-functional account. After I set it up, I changed the name of the old (not working) file and re-named the new Quicken file so it had the same displayed name in Quicken (for my convenience) as the account I replaced. When set-up up, it loaded all my bank transactions back to early January 2021. I hid the old, renamed, file just in case I needed to refer to older transactions. I will keep this for a year or so as a back-up.

Note that the download file name is “Citibank.” I only changed the displayed name in Quicken. I got a clue to this solution from a user quote that said Citibank was sensitive to being set up in a particular way using specific, approved, Citibank account names for it to work.



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