Home Tab-See Where Your Money Goes Too Much White Space

Anyway to reduce the real estate used by the "See Where Your Money Goes" report in the Home tab? There is a ton of white space (wasted) and it would be nice to at least be able to resize to 50% width? I have monthly and ytd reports (see attached screen shot) but it would be great if I could see them side by side (see attached wire frame mock up) and thus be able to see my 3rd report on the home tab "above the fold", i.e. information architecture 101.


  • Chris_QPW
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    Unfortunately there isn't any option to change this.  I think that from day one people have requested such and option, but it has never come to pass.  I do notice that depending on what you choose to display some of them do use only half the space, so it is "possible".  In fact depending on the order of things, Some even only take up 1/4 of the space, with another along side of it using 3/4.
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    I have been involved with software applications and web sites for 25 years and behaviors like this were unacceptable. If one panel on the home tab can be resized then they all should be able to be resized, yes it may require a little hard work by Quicken to come up with usable designs but at least then they would be providing a uniform and consistent user experience. Usually the most important features of a 1:1 user to application relationship

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