Purchased Security Not Showing in Portfolio

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I purchased several securities yesterday and all show in my account register. All were done with the "bought" transaction. When I view my portfolio for that account, one security is omitted. I looked at my list of securities and it is there, and it is not marked as hidden. But the security is not visible in my portfolio. It is the only security not visible. How can this happen? Thoughts appreciated.

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  • Sherlock
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    First, I suggest you check the security on the Securities tab of the Customize Current View window: open the portfolio view and select Customize.

    If the security is selected, I suspect there may be a placeholder entry in the account's transaction list removing the holding: Quicken FAQ: Managing Placeholder Entries in Quicken for Windows
  • billr
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    Thank you! It wasn't a placeholder issue but that security was not checked in the custom view. I checked it and it's working correctly!