Amex Reconciliation Issues -- Previously reconciled items come up as un-reconcilied

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Anyone having a problem with Amex credit card where previously reconciled come up as un-reconciled? These transactions are from prior years and even when I mark them as reconciled, they appear as unreconciled the next time I do one step update. It is the same 10 transactions each time.


  • Quicken_Tyka
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    Hello @iusdcm1

    Thank you for taking the time to visit the Community to post your issue, although I apologize that you have not received a response.

    Do you use the mobile or web app at all? If not, can you confirm if the option to sync to the mobile/ web is on?

    To confirm, please navigate to Edit > Preferences > Mobile & Web, there will be an on-off toggle. 

    May I also ask that you please take a moment to review the steps and information available here and confirm the location of the data file? Is the file stored on the hard drive or a cloud drive?

    Storing the file in a cloud drive may cause the issues you have described. Please let us know what you find!

    -Quicken Tyka

  • iusdcm1
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    I do use the mobile app and I do sync to mobile. The data file is stored on the hard drive.
    I ended up resolving this issue by deleting the 10 transactions that kept appearing as unreconciled (from 2017 and 2018) and reentering them. Thanks.
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