Category Transaction Quicken MAC, new entry transaction and new subcategory not showing up on Catego

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What am I doing wrong. Category is 27 Interest; subcategory is 27.7 BOA. It does not show up in Category Transaction Report.


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    It's hard to understand what you're describing. Could you capture a screen shot without revealing any confidential information? (Just drag it into the Comment text window). 

    Also, please clarify what exact report are you using. Is it one of Quicken's predefined reports, like Transactions by Category? Or are you using Create Transaction Report?

    Just to double-check: are you saying there is a transaction with a date which is within the date range of your transaction report, and the transaction uses this sub-category, but doesn't show up on the report? If you temporarily change the category of this transaction to some other category, like Food & Dining, does it then show up on the report or not? 
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