how do I bulk flag transactions?

I would like to export my business transactions to quickbooks (I only want to keep our personal finance info in Quicken, including our rental property, which we have not yet spun off as a business). To separate the business stuff off, my evil plan is to make a duplicate quicken data file, then flag all the business expenses (they all have the word "business" in the category name), flag them, then delete all non-flagged transactions. This will result in a quicken data file will purely business transactions that can be converted to QB. But I cant figure out how to flag multiple entries at a time.


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    The flag column in Quicken is one the least flexible features (along with notes) in Quicken.
    Since you say that all the transactions don't have "business" in them I suggest instead you use a transaction report where you customize it to just have those categories your interested in deleting.

    In that report you can select the transactions and delete them.  
    EDIT: right click to get the menu for the Delete.
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    Hi @smacknik,

    I can't say that I've seen a post that described exactly what you are trying to do.  However, I believe that if you want to go through with your plan, one potential approach would be to first create a duplicate copy of your Quicken datafile.  Next, using that file copy, you could delete all non-business accounts and categories, which would presumably leave you with a datafile containing only the business accounts. 

    As far as "flagging multiple entries at a time" - in an account register you could first sort the register by "category" which will cause all entries for each category to be adjacent to one another.  Then if you click on the first entry in the category, and then hold down the shift key while clicking on the last entry in that category, you will have highlighted all entries in that category, and if you right-click on any of the highlighted transactions and select "delete", all of the highlighted entries will be deleted. 

    Let me know if you have any followups.


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    Here's what worked: I made a copy of my Quicken data file, then I deleted all data from years outside my target tax year (2019). Then I sorted the list of all transactions by tax schedule in the All Transactions register. I only want Schedule C transactions to be transferred to QB, so I first added the "Tax-Line Items" column and then selected all transactions that were not Schedule C and deleted them. Then I deleted all accounts that are not business-tax related (personal savings, retirement, etc etc). Now my quicken data file is pure business transactions from 2019. I used QB 2020 to convert the data from quicken automatically and it worked great. Now I am moving forward with TurboTax Business to do my 1065 and Schedule K's.
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