Incorrect Performance

Why am I getting incorrect performance for my investment accounts?


  • NotACPA
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    We can't answer that without a WHOLE LOT more info.
    Why do you believe that they're incorrect?
    What are you basing this opinion on, what are you comparing to Q?
    Does this relate to one security, or all?
    What securities does this involve?
    Can you post an image of your Portfolio page, or some other graphic, to demonstrate this?

    As is, your question is analogous to "Doc, it hurts", and not saying anything else ... including where it hurts.

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  • ksb21
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    The performance of the account was indeed incorrect. In searching for the reason, it was tracked down to an incorrect price that was downloaded for one specific security.
    After correcting the security price for a single date, the correct performance percentage was displayed, as I had summarized.
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