How to get a total for a category report?

When I pull up a category I would like to get a total?


  • jacobs
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    What do you mean "when I pull up a category"?

    Are you talking about a report? Reports do have totals, although they are on the top rather than the bottom.
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  • kmanley21
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    I want to know how to get a report for a category like Amazon for last year. I see a report but it pulls up all three years...and that doesn't work for me.
  • jacobs
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    Do you have a Category for Amazon, or is Amazon the Payee? Most people have Amazon as a payee, and categorize different expenses according to what was purchased (clothing, food, electronics, household supplies, etc.)

    In any case, the process is similar for a Payee report or a Category report:
    • Click Create New Report > Transaction.
    • Select Row=Category (or Row=Payee).
    • Click continue to Customize.
    • Edit the date range, which defaults to current year-to-date, to Last Year or whatever custom date range you want.
    • For a report on one category: click on the Categories tab; for a report on one Payee, click on the Payees tab
    • Click the radio button for "include only transactions with selected categories (or payees)
    • Click Clear All
    • Find the category (or payee) you want and check it
    • Click OK
    The report will show all your transactions in the time range you specified for that category (or payee). You can save the report if this is something you will re-use in the future.

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