Reconcile Account - Not clearing transactions

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I am using Version 6.1.1 (Build 601.37924.100) on macOS 11.2.3. This behavior started on 4/21/21. When after syncing transactions with my bank and the clr box turns BLUE, I the reconcile the account to the online balance and with "Difference = 0" the clr box fails to turn Green circle.


  • jacobs
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    Since this just started for you yesterday, and the program hasn't been updated in more than two months, it must be something with your data or something you did. Is there any chance you closed the reconcile window without pressing the Next button to complete the reconciliation process? If you open Accounts > Reconciliation History, does it show yesterday's reconciliation and the correct balance?  Have you tried reconciling any other accounts? Do you have a backup copy of your data file from prior to yesterday you could open a to try to repeat the download and then the reconciliation? 
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