Quicken Online services unavailable at this time. Please wait at least ten minutes then try again...

I am getting this message since yesterday, whether using Update of a single account or all of them (using One Step Update) or synching with Mobile. Have tried 10's of times.
Have restarted Quicken and laptop multiple times.
I am Quicken Premier on Windows 10 version R32.12 Build


  • vijay
    vijay Member
    Solved: I had changed Quicken online password. Going in Mobile & Web tab, and logging in using a different ID option solved the issue (even though my ID was unchanged).
    BUT the Error message is misleading: it should have been about unrecognized password for online account rather than to wait for 10 minutes and try again!
  • Is this the answer to the problem . Need to resign into Quicken?
  • vijay
    vijay Member
    But... There is no provision in the Mobile & Web tab to sign in using new password. Had to choose option of signing in using a different ID
  • JonDS
    JonDS Member
    I am getting the same issue without having changed any passwords. I also get OL-297-A unable to establish an internet connection - bogus, too. I have used Quicken for at least 25 years; this is so annoying and counterproductive at tax time!
  • Quicken Francisco
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    Hello @JonDS

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize for the issue you're having. If you haven't already you'll still want to sign out and sign back in to see if we're able to get updates on your account. It refreshes the connection to Quicken making sure that that isn't the issue. The article down below will give instructions how to do so.


    Once you get a chance let us know if you're still having issues. 


    Quicken Francisco