Need help on Transfers

I have four quicken accounts called:
My checking
My savings
Wife's checking
Wife's savings

Am I correct when I enter a TXFR from my checking to wife's savings the "DESTINATION" account entered in Category would be "wife's savings"?

Am I correct when wife wants me to tranfer from her savings to her checking the "DESTINATION" account entered in Category would be "wife's checking"?


  • Chris_QPW
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    Yes, that is correct, but let me say a bit about the syntax that Quicken uses.

    Quicken Windows uses a special syntax for transfers, as in [Other Account Name] (the account name the transfer is to in square brackets).
    When you put TXFR in the Check #/Reference field, Quicken will limit you to just transfers.
    You don't have to put in the TXFR to do a transfer just use the above syntax.

    Note that you can enter the transfer from "either side".  Say you are in the savings account and want to pull money from the checking account, then you would put in a deposit in the savings account with the category set to [checking].  To do the exact same thing you could be in the checking account and put in a withdraw with the category of [savings].
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  • UKR
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    That is essentially correct, but in order to record a transfer transaction within Quicken, the Transfer-To account register name must be enclosed within [square brackets], e.g.: [Wife's checking]

  • David Zigler
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    Thanks for the quick response. It answered my question perfectly
  • David Zigler
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    Both of you were very helpful with my previous question, now I have another.

    I have been working with Quicken Anja on an issue about transactions downloaded by OSU. She has been very helpful but as Proverbs 15:22 says "Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers the succeed".

    This is my latest discussion with Quicken Anja:

    Now I am able to download SOME transactions using OSU but not all cleared transactions.

    For instance I did an online transfer from a Savings Account to a Checking Account early this morning. According to my FI an online transfer occurs immediately and the transaction appears as cleared.

    But the transaction did not download.

    Then I followed the directions you (Quicken Anja) provided and deactivated online services for all six accounts. Then I logged out of Quicken and logged back in and reactivated all six accounts. Performed an OSU, no transactions downloaded but the Online Balance reflects the transfer along with some other cleared transactions.

    Where should I go from here?