Budget Rollover Included in Budget Report

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New to forum here, but where do I make a product suggestion?

The below discussion is closed, but this is exactly what I need. I need to be able to report on AVAILABLE budget YTD---including rollover amounts. I just finished getting my manual spreadsheet (from 1991) out of my workflow, but this is the one missing piece. As Joseph Hanna states,...

What I'm looking for is the budget report to have the following columns:
(1) Category;
(2) Prior Month Rollover;
(3) Current Month Budget;
(4) Total Budget for Current Month (2 plus 3);
(5) Actual;
(6) Difference; and
(7) Rollover to Next Month (4 minus 5 for categories designated as rollovers).

A printable budget report I can review with my wife is not really useful without this. If we pulled in $500 from 2020 I need to be able to show that as still 'spendable'

Sounds like Joseph has asked for this for 5 years so I'm not holding my breath, but hopeful nonetheless.




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