Issue with adding the second user from Chase bank


I have already added my accounts with Chase by entering my username and password, and I would like to add also my wife's accounts with Chase. I am facing issue adding her accounts with Chase to the Quicken. Once entering her username and password, the system does not find the accounts associated to this user. Please advise.

Thank you


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    Hello @F4RT4B

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I do apologize in the issue you're having. That is odd I'm wondering where exactly the issue is. That's odd you should be able to add more accounts with a different sign in. I believe in this case it might help trying to see on a test file if we have a similar issue. This will give us a better idea of where exactly the issue is. I'll leave steps down below and you can find it on the third step on the article.

    Once you get the chance let us know what you're able to find out. From there we'll see what we're able to do next.


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    Thank you for your prompt response. I had already tried a test file. However, I did try it again and it still has the same problem; This time, I first added my wife's account with chase successfully, then tried to add my account with chase and I was facing the same issue.
    I have attached an image of the window (001.png) I get after entering information of the second account with Chase. Once I click on the Connect button, it will be looking for the accounts at Chase and will ask for the identification code to sent to my phone number/email once entering the code, it will not find any account; see the attached image 002.png. (The last time that I tried I faced error CC-501 instead of image 002.png)

    I also have a problem connecting to and add my Bank of America account which I think it is a known issue. Am I right?

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    I just fixed the issue by deactivating our joint account with Chase which was already linked, and then add the other account.
    However, I still have problem connecting Bank of America.

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    @F4RT4B - Regarding the Chase account: 
    1. Has Quicken been activated in both your and your wife's online accounts?
    2. That CC-501 error code tells me that you are connected with Express Web Connect (EWC).  Chase offers a superior connection method...Direct Connect (DC).  DC used to be the default connection method but it now appears that EWC is the default.  You might want to try setting up DC for each of your and your wife's accounts.  To do so, during the Add Account process click on the blue "Advanced Options" link (circled in red) and then select DC as the connection method.  It's much faster and more reliable than EWC.
    3. If #1 and/or #2 don't resolve your issue, you might want to see if you can get your wife's online account linked to your online account so you can view it when you are logged into your online account.  I did that for my wife's and my Citi credit card accounts, for my mother-in-laws Wells Fargo checking and credit card accounts and for my wife's and my investment accounts at Fidelity.  (You might need to get her to authorize it or you might need to get POA authority for her financials.)  Doing so allows me view rights and it also allowed me to download their accounts data using my login userid and PW.  You might need to contact Chase Customer Service to get the links done but I think it would be worth trying if #1 and/or #2 don't work for you.
    Regarding B of A:  It looks like B of A is doing some sort of system maintenance this weekend so they are blocking attempts by Quicken to connect with it.  Here's the Alert on this: New: 4/24/21 Bank Of America CC:555/155.  This alert talks about error codes CC-555/155 but in posts done today others are saying that they are now simply getting a message that B of A is blocking the connection.  There is nothing Quicken can do until B of A unblocks Quicken.  Usually, banks will complete their weekend system maintenance not later than Sunday night or by the morning of the next business day.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R55.15 on Windows 11)