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I used Quicken a really long time ago, and have an old (Win) backup from 2008. I just bought the latest version for Mac. Can I import this old version (many of the accounts are the same, and I would like to have that history) even though I'd have a 13+ year gap in the data? Or am I better off just starting from scratch?


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    Since you want to import into QMac, this is really a Mac question.  I've asked a Mod to move it to the Mac forum.
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    You can try.  Here's an article on converting Windows to Mac Quicken 

    But you may have to first convert your old data to a newer version of WIndows Quicken.  Do you have access to a WIndows computer to convert on?  Like a family or friends?  Quicken can give you an intermediate program to help you.   See this…..

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    I do have a Windows VM so I don't think that part will be a problem. I'm a little concerned about the 13-year gap in the data, as I don't really have that data, so I don't know what that will do to my balances... do I just insert a net entry to get the data to reconcile to current starting balance? Or does Quicken have a way to deal with gaps in data?
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    I would just start a NEW data file going forward.  Just keep the old data file separate if you need to look up something.
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