Is it possible to restore a single account from a backup?

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I deleted an old account from my account list and regret doing so. Hoping I can pull in data for that single account since I do have a backup. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


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    Yes, it's possible, but not super easy. Here's how I'd do it. Others may have alternate methods.
    1. Make a backup of your current file. Put it in safe place. Then make a backup of that backup to be sure. :-:smile: 
    2. Get the old backup file and double click it. Quicken will ask if you want to restore. Click Restore This File. When Quicken asks where to put the restored file, make sure you give it a very different name from your regular file (eg. TEMP WORKING) and put it somewhere different (eg. Desktop).
    3. Working in the TEMP WORKING file (which is your old data containing the deleted account), DELETE every account except the old account you want to move to the current file. If you have many accounts, this is going to take a while.
    4. Once you have this file down to a single account, click menu File > Export > Quicken Transfer File (QXF)
    5. Now open your current data file. 
    6. Click menu File > Import > Quicken Windows File (QXF) and point the file dialog at the QXF file you saved in step 4.
    7. This will import the single old account into your current file.
    Note that this should work fine for non-investment account. Investment accounts may not work as well.
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    One additional thing to note is that any transfer transactions into and out of the account you're restoring will be present -- but they won't be linked to the actual accounts in your Quicken file.
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    Got it! Thanks!
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