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The last time I opened Quicken there was an update which ran fine. After the update completed, I opened Quicken and got a screen saying "Select your existing data file to get started". I thought my Quicken files were backed up to the cloud. Why would it need me to select a data file from my PC? This doesn't make any sense. I have refrained from selecting a data file to avoid possible chaos in my data. What should I do? I am running version R32.12


  • Hello@vlnielsen

    Thank you for posting in the Community today. Please review THIS ARTICLE regarding the Quicken Cloud. As the article outlines, the Cloud is used to transmit your information between Quicken Desktop, Quicken Mobile, and Quicken on the Web. Your data file should be backed up to your computers local drive regularly.

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    Quicken Diana

  • Greg_the_Geek
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    What is the full path to the folder that contains your Quicken data file on the hard drive?
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    Thanks Diana and Greg. I do have an up-to-date backup of my data file. I will use it to “get started”.
  • Chris_QPW
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    Usually the reason you get this message is because another program like a cloud sync or a backup program has the data file locked.  And when Quicken goes to open it, it gets an error.  Quicken takes that error as "not there", and that is why it displays the new user dialog.
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