Trouble downloading information from Equitable Advisors

I have several accounts with Equitable Advisors. They used to be known as Axa Advisors and a company called LPL did their back office work. I cannot pull down information about those accounts into Quicken. There are about 6 companies that pop up when I put in Equitable but none are Equitable Advisors. The closest is Equitable Life Insurance. But when I go to put my user name and password in, Quicken then asks me for a one-time code sent to my phone. I put the code in and Quicken just loops me back to input my Equitable ID and Password again. Anybody have this problem and/or have a solution? When I try one of the other Equitable companies, it won't even get me that far. Very frustrating.


  • Tom Young
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    This may be out of date but their site states:

    Brokerage business continuity

    Equitable Advisors LLC (Equitable Financial Advisors in MI & TN), along with its clearing firm, LPL Financial, maintain separate and distinct business continuity plans for supporting the firm’s brokerage operations center.  Both plans include redundant data centers and alternative processing facilities, in order to address possible interruptions to the firm’s normal course of business.  As required, these plans are reviewed and updated on an annual basis.  The details within these plans identify the required actions needed in the event of a building or city-wide incident, including the movement of technology and personnel to preassigned alternate sites.

    Equitable Advisors' alternative sites are tested periodically to ensure that the relocation of technology and personnel can be performed within 24 hours.  In the event that Equitable Advisors or LPL Financial needs to execute its business continuity plans, the firm’s contact number will remain the same.  The Equitable Advisors brokerage service center can be reached at (866) 487-7484. Business continuity plans are available upon written request.


    LPL is contained in the Fidir.txt file, have you tried that?

    I think my next step would be to call Equitable Advisors and ask if they know why you can't connect.
  • jeffroberts
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    Same problem, I spoke to Quicken support and after testing eventually ended up with having to contact Equitable (I've not done it yet).
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    Any luck on this? I'm having the same issue. Calling Equitable, but I've been transferred seven times so far.
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    This is a cut & paste from an email message. This worked. Not as easy as normal link to Quicken. I spoke with LPL and he needs to open the account in Account view, minimize it then open Quicken, go back to Account View and select Quicken and it should download. He would need to contact Quicken if he has any issues, as LPL cannot assist with that.