Adding sales tax

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I used Quicken Mac when it first came out and there was a way to add sales tax to an item by programing a letter on the keyboard to add the tax. Is that still an option?


  • RickO
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    It was called Quick Math in QM2007 and before. It no longer exists. I believe there's a post in the Mac Ideas section where you can vote for it.
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  • jacobs
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    The thread about adding Quick Math functionality to modern Quicken Mac can be seen here. When Quicken Mac was recreated from scratch can the past decade, the developers did not have the time to program all the falters which had been created over decades of development for Quicken 2007. Little by little, they are adding additional features to the modern program. If you want to see this feature, please take a few seconds to vote for it: click the link, scroll down a little under the first post to the yellow box with the vote counter, and click the little arrow under the vote. More votes here help encourage the developers to make this a priority for development in the future.
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