can we add a new HSA account with an unrecognized web address

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we recently opened as HSA where the health insurance company is the administrator and as such is not recognized in the financial institution search when adding a new online account can quicken add a unique web address in order to add the account or am I relegated to creating an offline (ugh) account ?


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    Until the health insurance company works together with Intuit Inc. to establish connectivity, "creating an offline (ugh) account" will be your only option. Sorry.
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    I just started using Quicken Deluxe and have set up most of my financial accounts with the program. The one I cannot find in the add accounts list is my Mercer Marketplace 365+ HSA. I can't find any solutions on Mercer's website either. Does anyone know how to add this type of account to Quicken? Is it even possible?
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    I suggest you add any accounts that are provided by financial institutions that have chosen not to support Quicken as offline accounts: select Tools > Add Account... and + Offline Account

    Note: An HSA account is a tax deferred:  open the account, press Ctrl + Shift + E, and choose Yes for Tax deferred
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    just to clarify - Quicken is a software service company,
    and financial orgs must create a contract with Quicken
    and purchase a level of support and downloading capability.....  just having a web address is not enough
    As mentioned above - you would need to track the HSA account manually and offline.
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