Merging Accounts

I actually have 1 account at a bank and it shows up as 2 in Quicken and some transactions show in one of the Quicken account and others show in the other Quicken account. Can I somehow merge those 2 accounts in Quicken?


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    Yes, you can merge them. Before doing this, make a cy of your Quicken data file, just in case anything goes wrong and makes you want to be able to go back and try again.

    First, determine which account is set up for downloading transactions. (Click on Settings in the account register.) If somehow both are set up for downloading, disable one of them; I'll call the disabled one the "old" account which we're going to get rid of, and the one enabled for downloading the "new" account.

    Now, you want to move all the transactions in the "old" account to the "new" account. Click on the old account in the sidebar to display the register. Click on an account in the register and do Command-A to select all the transactions in the register. With all the transactions highlighted, click and drag on any transaction to the new account in the sidebar. When you release after dragging, all the transactions should be in the "new" account, and none in the "old" account. You can then delete the old account by Control-clicking on it in the sidebar and selecting Delete from the pop-up menu. 
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