Paycheck feature broken

If I hover over the category for the transaction containing Paycheck, I can see some of the breakdown. However, for some reason one of the transfers in my paycheck is showing [unspecified account] and when I double click it to edit and correct it, the paycheck dialog box shows up and it is completely empty. I really do not want to delete all of my paychecks and re-enter them. It is annoying that I cannot trust the stability or lack of, with the software.


  • Sherlock
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    I suggest you attempt to edit the paycheck transaction as a split: press Ctrl + Shift + S
  • Pam Flaig
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    It's not that simple......

    The payroll splits are gone/not visible in the primary deposit account transaction detail and the accounts like HSA and 401K where there are account splits have duplicated transactions. 1 is attached to the split and one is an independent extra that can be manually deleted.
    These 'extra' entries is what typically tells me there was a problem.

    My best solution is to find and delete the extras in the other accounts. If the primary transaction is missing the splits detail; copy from another payroll entry that does work, confirm the values are correct then delete the other split transaction that was not working. Sometimes I've had to also redo my paycheck reminder.

    This has been an issue for me since 2018/2019, sporadically corrupting transactions. I had MANY streams on here back then with many others too, which were all closed with no real resolution.

    Quicken and the community only offered things like..... something to do with using the web service or app along with the windows desktop version.... My file must be too big.... Nothing of real resolution to a 20yr customer. I needed a reliable answer.
    I will say the issue mostly went away for a year from sometime in 2019- ~3/2021 - which I just noticed in 5/2021 where payroll transactions were corrupted in March, April, and May.

    At one point in 2019, I 'rebuilt' my entire 18yr file by exporting the transactions, account by account, out of the old file and importing them to the new file. A painful and long process but it did clear up something and make the file smaller overall though it was unclear what is was. I was using the same file started in ~2002 so I'm sure over that many years and versions quicken code changed and something wasn't efficiently keeping the history clean in the code.

    I would be happy to support and be a 'test' case, if and when then technical teams are willing to take it seriously and truly investigate and fix the root cause.
  • meg2
    meg2 Member
    I am experiencing the same issues with my paychecks. It's been at least a couple of years now that I've seen this issue. I put up with it because it didn't happen very often, but now it happens almost every month. I can't copy an existing paycheck because that causes additional issues -- it seems to mess up the automatic paycheck entries. The paycheck I copied gets re-dated to the new date that I copied to and I then I get duplicate paychecks.

    I have two paychecks that get automatically entered 2x a month and automatic deposits to 3 accounts. That means I have to delete 10 "empty" entries and reenter 4 paychecks. This is an extraordinarily annoying issue.
  • Pam Flaig
    Pam Flaig Member ✭✭
    It was this May R33.19 so called "fix" that actually caused my issue to reoccur after being gone for over a year.
    It's really annoying, and now weeks later, i'm not sure I want to go thru the work of a month + of transaction entries to try a restore.
    Agree 1000% on the annoyance of these things.
  • EFW
    EFW Member ✭✭
    Same Here. I am experiencing the same issues with my paychecks for a couple of months. The projected balances are incorrect and causing confusion. Every time I download transactions the paycheck transactions in BILLS & INCOME go to zero. It use to happen only during SYNC.

    Work around:
    I have to select "edit", then Select "This transaction and all future transactions", and then click DONE. RESULT: Amount Resets.

    MONITORING: I use the DASHBOARD with STAY ON TOP OF MONTHLY BILLS. to view "What's Left and the upcoming zero deposits. If there are paychecks with zero amount I will fix using the process above.

    I wish Quicken can fix this issue ASAP!
  • Pam Flaig
    Pam Flaig Member ✭✭
    Still BROKEN with 33.24
    I reentered every corrupt payroll a couple days ago after 33.24 and today my last entry is corrupt. This is the same that I have described in threads since ~2018. It got better but came back in the last 2-3mo. As a 20yr quicken user.... please fix this!! I have offered to help, test, talk to tech along with posting but it's fallen on death ears.....
    Is there a compliance and controls process for changes/fixes? Quicken should as personal banking management is important to the individual just as it is for businesses.
  • Pam Flaig
    Pam Flaig Member ✭✭
    In addition to payroll transactions with split transfers, loans with payments to asset accounts were corrupted the similar time frame, late March- May.

    Can we get an update from the Quicken team on the investigation and progress for a fix?
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