My fix [Update] BoA weeks w/out Download - de/reactivate connects BUT... debug info provided

tl;dr - haven't been able to download for 2 weeks.
[Update: My fix (I hope) aka how I fixed prefixed with "Update"

I copied/backed up my data, using a backup to test.

I am NOT allowed to reset the online services. Told to talk to customer service if it keeps happening.

I *am* allowed to deactivate and reactivate. I do this an Quicken *can* connect to BoA. Thus both my userid and password work just fine and Quicken has no problem connecting to BoA.

[Update: This isn't BoA not letting Quicken in if I can setup a new account but existing account doesn't Download]

I'd stop here and just use this data BUT...

My register is all screwed up. Quicken decided to add an "Opening Balance", reconciled, entry in my register with todays date. As you serious!? Where did this dollar value come from? If I delete this entry, I'm missing over 2k. If I keep it in, the register has more than I actually have. So clearly other stuff is either missing (or has been added.) But whatever it is I can't find it scrolling back a few screen sizes.

[Update: duplicate transactions look like they caused the discrepancy]

So I go back to the original data, try to connect to BoA given how it works after deactivate/reactivate... nothing. I'm right back to where I started from.

Every step of this is made more painful due to having to sync to the cloud each time I inhale and exhale. I turned sync off (and said not to sync) but am ignored. Once this all works, then I'll sync.

My current register matches BoA online EXACTLY. There are 6 manual transactions in Quicken register that haven't been cleared/reconciled... with test data I do download and match. This should be all that is needed. 5 debt entries, one deposit and all the math would add up.

[Update: begin]

1/ I deactivated the checking account as described above. As before Reset didn't work.
2/ I created a NEW checking account, without online access initially; initial balance 0
3/ Transferred "original balance" from last [R] transaction to new account
4/ Transferred 6 manually entered register entries from old to new. If you don't manually enter, you won't have to do this.
5/ Now enable BoA online access for this new account; it took a few cc502
6/ As before, register wasn't "right", but this was due to (what looks like) all 2021 transactions being downloaded again <g>. This became obvious with the new account. I just deleted everything before my XFER from old account. Viola, things are in sync with BoA website. [1]

My (now old) checking account goes back to Quicken DOS 5.0 (if not earlier). My goal is to never let quicken online touch it again. I only need to look back every now and then for historic reason (a reason to have a PC vs finding old check registers you would write in.) I'll use this new account going forward. Fingers crossed.

[1] The initial attempts I *did* look for un-cleared and un-reconciled transactions in the register for duplicate downloads, didn't find any. They certainly showed up today in the new account.

Hope this helps somebody. Why it is claimed that BoA isn't letting you connect isn't accurate and should be corrected. Disable (or Reset) and trying with a new account (something Quicken Premier Support did with me months ago to rule out BoA being the issue) shows BoA isn't the problem.

[Update: end]