SOME Fidelity accounts not found?

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I have a credit card and a brokerage account with Fidelity and my wife has a 401k. I signed in to Fidelity Investments which should have shown the card and brokerage account, and it only showed the brokerage account. I added it. Then, when I try again, it says I "have no more accounts at Fidelity Investments to activate." Then I try to sign in on Fidelity Netbenefits to get my wife's 401k, and it also says I "have no more accounts at Fidelity Netbenefits to activate."

What gives? How can I get Quicken and Fidelity to work together?


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    Is it the Fidelity Reward Visa card? To set that up, you have to use the FI name "Fidelity Rewards Credit Card", not "Fidelity Investments Mac" like you do for the brokerage accounts. The credit card will only be available via Quicken Connect.

    For NetBenefits, I vaguely remember there being some issues with those account coexisting alongside regular Fidelity accounts, but that was a long time ago. That said, you may have her 401k set up to view on the Fidelity website under your login. However, to connect it in Quicken, you would need to using her NetBenefits login credentials, not yours. Are you sure you're using those?
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    Just tried "Fidelity Rewards Credit Card" and it asks for all my info including a security question, thinks about it for a while, then asks if I mistyped the info. I didn't. So I'm going to keep trying that I guess.

    And yes, for Netbenefits I'm using my wife's login info. How was the problem with coexisting Fidelity accounts resolved last time?
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    Sorry, I don't recall any details about NetBenefits. It's been over 10 years since I had one of those accounts. Have you tried searching "NetBenefits" here on the community?

    The Fidelity Rewards Visa is run by a third party (Elan Financial Bank). I know you can get to your card from your regular Fidelity Login, but the direct website is as indicated on the account setup card in Quicken.

    You can go there, click the Enroll button and set up login credentials that are distinct from your regular Fidelity account. I think you need to do this and then use these separate credentials when you connect to the "Fidelity Rewards Credit Card" FI in Quicken. That's what I did. It should work for you.

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    The card is actually coming from Elan Financial Services but is branded with Fidelity. Yes, you can see manually if you login to your fidelity account. To do it from Quicken automatically you have to enroll a login with Elan Financial Services. This is actually via the site which is not intuitive. You will then see an enroll button/tab that you can use to do this.

    Once you have done that go back to Quicken, Add Account and select Elan Financial Services.
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    Extending @MacGuruTX's reply.  Fidelity Investment isn't a bank, they're a brokerage firm.  SO, legally, they can issue neither checking accounts nor credit cards.  Those functions are reserved to banks.
    They CAN, however, partner with a bank (United Missouri Bank) to offer a "share draft account" that operates almost identically to a real checking account (there are some legal differences ... but for most purposes those are insignificant).
    In the same vein, Fidelity ALSO cannot issue a credit card.  But they can partner with Elan Financial so that Fidelity can Co-Brand one of Elan's credit cards.
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