Using Q for Home & Business - where do I find the stock buy/sell tab ?

where do I find the tab for buying/selling stocks?


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    Have you created an Investment type account in Q?  You need to do that before you can record investment transactions.

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    Joyce Drake said: where do I find the tab for buying/selling stocks?
    Not sure what that has to do with your topic title ? [EDIT] - updated topic title from other dup posting -
    Quicken is mostly a transaction tracking product - and is NOT a stock trading platform.
    After you have used your stock trading App or Website - Quicken can download the transactions and keep track of cost basis, and various other historical info - I keep track of all my... Schwab, Fidelity, Vanguard, TRowe
    Of course, you have to setup Quicken with accounts in the software to reflect your real world brokerage accounts.
    [EDIT] - but guessing you already knew all this from your dup posting about already using Quicken Premier ?

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