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Louis Leichter
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How do I remove date and page number from a report. They do not allow my report to go full width


  • Jim_Harman
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    When you say your report does not go full width, is that just what you see in the print preview, or does it also affect the printed output?

    There is a known issue and workaround with the print preview if that is the problem.

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  • Louis Leichter
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    I apologize, Iwas not clear in my question. I prepared a report. The date was on the left side 0.5 inches from the edge and the page number was on the right side, also 0.5 inches from the edge. I was not able to increase the width of the table as the margins were already 0.5 inches. How can one eliminate the date and time from the report, or increase the width of the report? I eventually exported to excel and formatted and printed fine.
    regards - Lou
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    The columns for a Quicken report typically default to printing the report in portrait orientation on 8.5*11" paper.

    If you want to print in landscape orientation you need to fiddle with the columns and make them wider while still viewing the report, before you go into Print Preview.
    That makes the report better fill the available page width.
    Don't forget to exclude unused columns, to make more space available for the remainder of the columns (e.g., if you don't use Tags, deselect the Tags column in report customization)
    We all wish for a better report generator which makes better use of paper width and auto-adjusts columns to fit the page.
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