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  • 68caprice
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    Here is a funny tning that happens to me with my year end. I like to have all my transactions separated by years so i do a year end copy and create a new year starting at jan 1. I rename it 2021. All that works well with only my 2021 transaction showing. Where I run into a problem is with my budgetting reports. when I go into my 2020 file and try to see my 2020 actual and budget amounts for 2020 it shows the numbers for 2021. I go into historical budget and it shows the actual numbers and the budgetted numbers as the same,which isn't correct
  • UKR
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    When, while in your 2020 YEC archive file, you bring up the Historical Budget report, have you verified that you are selecting or have switched to the Budget table which contains last year's data and set the Budget Year to 2020? Both selections are in the grey menu bar of the report view.
    The report always seems to default to this year, regardless of which data file / archive file it's looking at
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    On your budget report have you made sure that you are selecting last year.  There are two parts to the current budget selections.  The Date range selects what transactions are being used, and the Budget/Budget Year select what budget numbers to be comparing to.

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