Networth Report on Home Screen is WAY off

I have the side bar set for today. Even taking into account the future transactions that are already entered, my net worth report on the home screen is off by hundreds of thousands of dollars. I deselected all accounts and thought I would just look at one account at a time to see where the challenge lay. Every account is off. Just picking the largest one, my main checking shows ($282,642) in assets and ($11,705) in liabilities - which is clearly not the balance as no bank would let me run $300K in the red. The account with all future bills in it has an actual balance of 208.79 as I enter bills out for two months to make sure I am covered. How can it possibly be this far off and what am I missing?


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    Apparently, two hours of trying to figure this out, then coming here to post this, was me giving up too soon. I went back and tried a few more things and realized there were several closed accounts and categories that were impacting the balances and when I got all that cleared up, the net worth report agreed with what I expected it to be. Now I cannot figure out how to delete this post, so I thought I would come back and let you know that the problem is solved so now one has to waste their time trying to help me. :)

    Hope you all have a great day whatever day it is for you when you read this!
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    You can't delete the thread, but I'll flag a Moderator to close it.

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