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It would be very helpful if I could create a budget report that shows YTD spend versus budgeted number for the entire year. As it is, it appears I can see current monthly spend versus monthly budget number, or I can see current YTD spend versus YTD budgeted number. It would be helpful to be able to see in a single place my YTD spend and where that number is vis a vis the full yearly budgeted number. Anything like that available or in the works? If in the works, when is it anticipated to be available?


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    This already exists. In your budget, make sure the gray Budget Totals columns are visible to the right of your categories. (If they're not, clicking the "<<" button makes them visible.) Then pull down the carat in the heading of that section, to select whether you want to see YTD or Entire Year budget totals. It looks like this:

    (You can also export your budget to a spreadsheet and construct the totals the way you'd like, until the developers create more flexibility in budget date range reporting within the program.)
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