how do I delete a fund from my portfolio

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how do I delete a fund from my portfolio


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    Generally, you don't. Deleting a fund you owned in the past would mess up your investment history, so Quicken prevents you from doing so.

    There's currently no way to hide a security in lists. That concept is an Idea thread on this site which has been marked as officially Planned by the development team. We just don't know how soon it will be coming.

    In the meantime, if the primary goal is to not see old funds in your list, you might use an approach a number of us use: renaming the no-longer-needed securities with a prefix like "z" (e.g. "z-ABC Fund") so they are at the bottom of the list and basically stay out of your way, without impacting your investment history.

    If you absolutely want to delete a fund, you'd have to go into the account(s) which once held those funds and delete the transactions. Quicken allows you to delete a security which has no transactions. But deleting transactions will definitely change your history, and likely require other adjustments to get your current balances accurate.
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