How do I rename Custom Reports after editing?

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I have numerous Custom Reports which require edits each year. How do I change their names?


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    There are two generations of reports in Quicken Mac. Most reports now use the "new" reports engine; the old reports are being replaced and phased out, but a handful still remain at this time. (You can tell new reports because they have the "View" option on the toolbar, whereas the old reports do not.)

    For any of the "new" reports, when you hover over the name area at the top of the screen, the name shows a gray border and "Click to edit":

    So simply edit the name of the report, and you'll see a blue "Save" button to the right of the name:

    Click the Save button (or just close the report and it will save automatically.

    For a report created using the old reports engine, you can't click on the report title to edit it. You need to click on Duplicate to create a new report…

    ...then click Save, and a dialog will pop up asking if you want to save a new custom report:

    Enter the new name you want and click Save. Then, if you no longer need the report from the prior year, you can delete it.
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