If your opening (perhaps the VERY first one) balance is off

If your opening balance is off, it is likely that somewhere a transaction in the account - even well AFTER the date of your opening balance - has been reconciled accidentally. That is what happened to me. After spending nearly an hour trying to understand it, I finally stumbled upon the answer in this community. I searched, and found the offending accidental reconciliation. Just wanted to pay this piece of info forward.


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    Yes, that is true and frankly I consider it a bug.  Any cleared/uncleared transactions after the statement end date aren't included, "future" reconciled transactions shouldn't be include either.

    It also means that you can't go back to a previous date and reconcile.
    For instance, a new user adds an account and gets 90 days of transactions, and they reconcile them, but they want to now use a Web Connect/QFX file to download older transactions.

    They can't download those transactions and reconcile them because of the reconciled transaction that are no after them.  They have to un-reconcile all the transactions and work from the oldest to newest.
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