Why different Purchase prices depending on browser and search engine and machine

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I am looking at the Purchase Price for Deluxe (Windows) and land on the pricing page it says .. Try Quicken for 30 days risk-free! I see different prices depending on browser and machines I look at .. I have screen shots. one page says no discount.. surprise.. that is when I login to my account and look. I go to another machine and look it says today only 10% off and the price says $41.59. On another browser it says 20% off and wow the same $41.59 price. On a third machine I see 10% off and $46.79..... Isn't it interesting that they have so many prices for the same product depending on the machines you use....


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    Some of the differences could be ad trackers which allow Quicken to target classes of Internet browsers who they think are likely new customers. Also, they seem to do a lot of trying different sales and discounts to test the effectiveness of different price points for different buyers. 

    The bottom line, if you're not a current Quicken subscription user, is to buy the best deal you can find. If you are a current subscription user, just make sure that the deal you purchase is valid for subscription renewals, and not just for new users. If you're shopping on Quicken.com, you may see a discount price offered, but once you log in with your QuickenID, the price will revert to the full list price for a renewing Quicken subscriber. They clearly offer introductory special pricing to attract new users, but they want subscribers to pay full price year to year. Existing subscribers can often find discounted pricing from third-party retailers which is cheaper than they're offered on Quicken.com; as long as the retailer isn;'t selling a package labeled "new subscribers only", the activation code will work for existing subscribers.
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